Ski Club

It's time to sign up for Ski Club!   Forms need to be handed in to the school office by December 11, 2015.  
A special thank you goes out to Edina Choi who has volunteered to do all of the administrative work for Snow Sports.  We are looking for another parent to coordinate the volunteer chaperones.  We will need to bring 5 chaperones with us each week.  
Snow Sports starts January 6th and runs for 6 consecutive Wednesdays.  We will be taking Peter Pan buses to Blandford Ski Area.  We will leave right after school and return to the school by 8:15pm.  Students can bring their equipment to school in the mornings and leave it in the auditorium.  
To sign your child up, you need to fill out 4 forms and write 2 checks.  
PARTICIPATION FORM  Glenbrook Participation Form.pdf Circle the package you would like to purchase.
EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO Glenbrook Emergency Form.pdf 
BLANFORD SKI AREA RELEASE OF LIABILITY. glenbrook_Blandford Release of Liability.pdf 
Two checks: 
    1. One made out to BLANDFORD SKI AREA for the amount of the package you are purchasing.
    2. One made out to Glenbrook Middle School PAC for $150 (this covers the bus).
If you have any questions along the way, please call or email Jenna Goodman at 575-3767 or