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AP Art and Honors Art Classes visit the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen, MA. Fall of 2015


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR ART PROGRAM. Not many high school Art programs in Massachusetts have the variety and depth of offerings we do. We have something for everyone. Our courses are hands-on, participator studio classes. Don’t miss out on the chance to do something different that pushes you in a different direction. Your creativity will be in demand, in college and in our global workplace. Put it to work in high school, right here at LHS.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US. The Art teachers want to get to know you, your abilities and your interests. We have a ton of experience with ALL kinds of students. Let us help you discover and reach your goals.   

"I LIKE ART BUT I'M NOT TALENTED". Our program is for everyone. The only way to get better is to get in there and learn. There are many skills, techniques and approaches you can LEARN in our classes. Don’t let someone else’s ability discourage you. There’s a lot YOU can learn. We’ll teach you and it’s fun trying.

LEARN TO DRAW. If you think you want to go into any creative field, you should be able to draw. Most colleges, universities and art schools have some observational drawing requirement in their applications. Take a drawing course before your senior year. Basic Drawing is a semester course for that student who is fearful of drawing or feels they have little skill. Drawing and Painting is a more intensive drawing experience for the more serious student. If you feel you “can’t draw,” don’t avoid it. GO FOR IT and learn how to draw what you see. We’re here to help you.

ABOUT OUR COURSES. All art courses are elective but count towards the student's GPA. Our art courses are full year except the half year 2D & 3D. The Honors courses have prerequisites. An exam is given in all art courses. Advanced Placement Portfolio is offered only to seniors -prerequisite is  a portfolio and interview.

CONSIDER AP ART AS A SENIOR, IF....   The AP Studio Art course is our highest level Art course. It is rigorous and demanding. We do not discourage people from taking it, but realize it is a full-on commitment and much will be expected of you. We will be there to help along the way, but it all starts with YOU.


Students who study Art at Longmeadow High School should be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the techniques, media and materials needed to create visual art.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of design.
  • Demonstrate abilities of observation, abstraction, invention and expression in creating a work of art.
  • Demonstrate processes needed in the creation and exhibition of artwork: drafts, critiques, self-assessment, craftsmanship and exhibit preparation.
  • Demonstrate ability to describe and analyze artwork of their own and others, verbally and in writing using appropriate visual art vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate ability to describe the purposes for which art and architecture were created.
  • Demonstrate ability to describe roles of artists and cultural institutions in societies.
  • Demonstrate ability to understand artistic styles by identifying their characteristic features.
  • Demonstrate ability to describe how artists have used technologies and inventions in their work.
  • Apply art knowledge to the study of other disciplines and apply knowledge learned in other disciplines to the creation of a piece of art.

*The expectations above are based on the 1999 Massachsuestts State Frameworks.