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Business & Technology


Whether an entrepreneur, CEO, CIO, doctor, lawyer or teacher, to be competitive in today’s workplace, there is a high expectation for professional computer skills. The Massachusetts Department of Education has recommended that by the time a student graduates from LHS, he or she should demonstrate more advanced levels of proficiency in the use of technology. From Information Technology through CIM I, CIM II and Web Page, the Business & Technology Department offers a continuously improving technology skills base. These same entrepreneurs, electrical engineers, CEOs, doctors, nurses, etc. must be prepared with a strong understanding of the local, national and international world of business. From Introduction to Business through Accounting, Honors Accounting, Economics, and an array of law and management courses, students develop a solid foundation for college, the business world, and the management of personal financial and legal affairs.


Students who study Business at Longmeadow High School are expected to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use the computer as an effective tool to: communicate information, access information from online resources, illustrate data collection results, and assist in problem solving.
  • Know and apply basic business concepts and theories involving the production and distribution of goods and services, how to use the results of production as consumers and to make sound decisions as citizens.
  • Appreciate cultural differences and respect how they will affect business situations within an international marketplace.
  • Demonstrate a positive work ethic and understand the necessity of workplace privacy and confidentiality.
  • Develop an awareness of career opportunities available within the business community.