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World Languages

To have another language is to possess another soul. -Charlemagne


The World Language Department at Longmeadow High School provides students with the opportunity to study languages in programs of four- or five-year sequences. Students who complete the honors sequence may enroll in the Advanced Placement course during their final year of study. They may then elect to take the National College Board Advanced Placement exam, offered every year in May.

Over the course of the curriculum, the department seeks to foster an understanding of cultures around the world.  Students also develop an ability to read and understand the target language and to express their feelings, ideas and knowledge in written and spoken form.   

The French and Spanish programs use a wide variety of authentic materials in the classroom, including literature, news broadcasts, films and current writings to bring the Francophone and Spanish-speaking worlds alive for the students.  In the Latin program, students study ancient writings to gain a deeper understanding of the language and history of the Roman Empire.  This combination of approaches enhances student language skills and develops learners ready to apply their knowledge and skills beyond the walls of Longmeadow High School.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world. ‒Ludwig Wittgenstein


Students who study World Languages at Longmeadow High School should be able to:
  • Students will write, speak, listen, and read to interpret and obtain information, present ideas, express feelings and exchange opinions in the target language.
  • Students will recognize perspectives, practices, and products of the culture(s) studied.
  • Students will compare the target language and culture with their own.
  • Students will obtain information about other disciplines using their knowledge of the target language and culture.
  • Students will communicate with people outside of the school in the target language or about the target culture.