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LHS Exchange Program

FACES Program at LHS (2013)

What is FACES?

  • FACES (Friends of America Cultural Exchanges) sets up home stay, cultural exchanges and trips to the USA and France for students ages 14-18 in cooperation with an extensive network of reliable coordinators and teachers from Chartres, Orleans, Lille, Caen, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Nancy and many other cities in France. www.faces1.com

Who and when?

  • For the academic year 2013-2014 students from Spain will be visiting Western Massachusetts for three weeks beginning June 21st. This will be a homestay program.  Families interested in hosting should contact Laurie Ferreira at lferreira@longmeadow.k12.ma.us for more information.

  • Approximately ten students from Béthune, France will arrive Thursday, April 17 and stay in Longmeadow through Tuesday, April 29th.  They will attend classes at Longmeadow High School with their host student on Monday and Tuesday after April vacation. 

    Families interested in hosting should download the 2014 Host Family Application posted below, fill it out and return it electronically to Kathleen Epaul at the address indicated.  Because of the high interest in this program we will begin accepting applications at 8 pm on Sunday, February 2.  If by 10 pm we have more than 10 applicants, we will conduct a lottery.  We will also give preference to families who have not previously hosted with us.  If you have hosted with us before however, please send your application in anyway !  Things can change !  Details on the process and placement are included with the downloaded application.

What do we need to do as a host family?

  • Welcome the student as a member of your family

  • Provide the student with a bed but he/she can share a room with an American hosting student or sibling.

  • Exchange students will have some spending money with them.  Please plan to provide them meals in your home!

  • This is not a tour, but a cultural exchange.  Families do not need to bring students to every local site!  Enjoy your time as a family, sharing meals and good conversation.

  • First...fill out an application and return it electronically to Kathleen Epaul, kepaul@longmeadow.k12.ma.us !!! Once families are approved we will match up students and families.  You will receive a completed folder from your guest, including pictures, biography and medical information and a host family letter.

  • We will announce the dates that we will begin accepting applications once we have the information from FACES.


Please contact your child’s language teacher with any questions, or speak to a family who hosted last year!

Application For Host Family (attached below)

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