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Expectations for Student Learning

Students should be able to:
  • Use the methods of scientific inquiry to plan, conduct, draw conclusions, and evaluate scientific investigations.
  • Build understanding of fundamental concepts of science by making connections between the various science disciplines.
  • Conduct scientific investigations that lead to understandings of natural scientific processes.
  • Observe, collect, organize, and evaluate scientific data.
  • Improve scientific skills of observing, measuring, replicating experiments, manipulating equipment, and collecting and reporting data through engagement in laboratory activities and fieldwork.
  • Study and learn about important historical and contemporary investigations and solutions that have led to new knowledge about the world around them.
  • Convey scientific understandings to others in both a written and verbal form so as to effectively share scientific ideas relating to themselves and the world around them.
  • Learn the fundamental concepts required for competency in various science disciplines.


At Least two full-year foundation courses in science are required of all students.

Parents and students should note that the Massachusetts University system requires three full-year science courses for admission.