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    Welcome to the Longmeadow Technology Department

    The mission of the Technology Department is to work to attain efficiencies and economies of scale; reduce or eliminate duplication and overlapping of services, responsibilities, and functions; improve the coordination of planning for the use of technology between and among various town departments; and manage the implementation of all technology-related projects.

    21st Century Teaching & Learning


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    Technology Department
    535 Bliss Road
    Longmeadow, MA 01106

    Kevin Warenda
    Director of Technology 
    413-565-4200 x4018

    Sandy Budreau
    Technology Integration Specialist
    413-565-4200 x4016

    Asa Nilsson
    Student Info Systems Specialist
    413-565-4200 x4017
    Victor Roule
    Technical Support Manager
    413-565-4200 x4023

    Karen Stark
    Technology Support Specialist
    413-565-4200 x4010 us

    Cindy Topitzer
    Technology Support Specialist
    413-565-4200 x4035 us

    Kevin Zabawa
    A/V & Computer Technician
    413-565-4200 x4058 us