Registration / Enrollment of Students

Student registration packets are available by contacting the Superintendent's Office, or by downloading the packet from this webpage.  All registration materials for new or re-registering students must be returned, in person, to the Superintendent' Office.
A completed registration packet consists of:
  • Student Registration Form
  • School Admissions Policy
  • Establish Residency Guide and backup documentation
  • Massachusetts Health Form
  • A copy of the student's birth certificate
  • Confidential Medical Information Sheet
  • Kindergarten Questionnaire (entering grade K only)
  • Home Language Survey
  • Release of Information Form (entering LPS in grades 1-12, & K (if entering LPS mid-year)
Students may not begin school until all documentation has been received, the school nurse has had an opportunity to review and approve the health form, and the student has developed a schedule of classes with the Principal or Guidance Counselor at the school.

The School Zoning Map is provided in order to inform parents what elementary or middle school is their home school.